Curved Shower Rod

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Quick Overview

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  • Stainless steel rod with polished chrome finish zinc brackets
  • For showers from 58.25” to 61.5” (parallel walls)
  • Uses Standard Length Shower Curtain
  • Provides inches of extra elbow room and shower space
  • Attractive Designer Appearance
  • One piece solid bar – no more rings stuck in the middle seam

Curtain and hooks NOT included

In stock

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Product Description

Beautiful Stainless Steel curved shower rod. Includes matching chrome plated zinc wall brackets that are easy to install. Provides inches of extra elbow room and shower space. It is a one-piece solid bar, so the curtain rings will not stuck in the middle seam, as it happens with telescoping rods. It is designed to fit standard, 60″ showers and bathtubs, but it may adjust to showers from 58.5″ to 61″. If your shower has a shorter length, its swivel wall mount brackets adapts the angle to allow the rod to be cut to fit different lengths. Cut end fits into the swivel wall mount to hide any rough cut edges you may have after cutting.

UPC/GTIN: 07501557356174

Additional Information

Weight 3.41 lbs
Dimensions 59.05 × 10.16 × 2.17 in

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